flickering_pixelsOver the next month and a bit I am involved in a blogging project on the book Flickering Pixels by Shane Hipps. There are 17 of us, each taking a chapter to post on and discuss. The project is being hosted at Church Crunch by John Saddington. I will post on this blog each day that there is a new post on the book so that if you would like to read a long and become a part of the discussion you can. I hope that it is an encouragement to you and all of us involved and that we learn how to use and not to use technology in our faith and walk with Jesus.

Here is a brief intro and overview of the book by John Dyer and below will be the link to the first post by Susan K. Stewart.

To set the stage for the ChurchCrunch blog tour of Shane Hipps, Flickering Pixels, we thought it might be helpful to introduce Shane Hipps and the subject he’s been writing and speaking about. For fun, let’s do them in reverse order:What He’s Talking About?

Have you ever heard someone say, “90% of communication is tone of voice”?
Well, over the last 100 years people started thinking that if our words could be shaped and reinterpreted based on body language, maybe technologies like TV, radio, and even writing also shape the way we think and interact.

Marshall McLuhan was one of the first well known thinkers in this area which came to be called “media ecology.” However, his popularity died down in the late 1960s and even in his heyday, the Church didn’t really take much interest in his ideas.

About Shane Hipps
In Flickering Pixels, Hipps is attempting to take media ecology out of the academic world and use it to show us how technology impacts the way we see the world and our faith.
Hipps is in a unique position to do this because he used to work in Porche’s advertising department and now is a pastor of a Mennonite church. This means he’s neither just some guy who doesn’t really understand media nor a person who’s never done any real ministry.

What’s the Big Deal?
Hipps is concerned that most of us don’t understand the enormous influence technology has on our lives. Rather than tell us to run away and turn it all off, he wants to help the Church understand it. He writes, “we are only puppets of our technology if we remain asleep; Flickering Pixels will wake us up.”
Hopefully, reading Flickering Pixels and talking about it together we can all help wake each other up!”

Well, there you go. To check out the first post by Susan go here and I will update as to when each new post comes available. Enjoy.

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