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IMG_0029In 4 1/2 hours I board a plane headed for the left coast. I am flying into Vancouver, renting a car and driving down to Seattle. I will be in Seattle for a week hosting a youth choir team from my friend Lars Rood’s church in Dallas. Don’t ask how this ended up on my plate, but I guess that’s what friends are for. Thanks Lars, haha.

My family moved to Seattle in 1999 and lived there for 9 years before leaving for Canada in June of last year. We have been back a couple of times since then, but each time I go back it feels less and less like home. I hate saying that, and I fight those feelings, but it seems to be true.

Now I love the city of Seattle, and I pray that one day I will live there again, but for some reason I don’t feel connected to it anymore.  I still feel connected to my friends, although connections with friends definitely change when separated by 2000 miles.

I am super excited to go to my favorite cafe’s, have a beer at Flowers where my friend William works, drive on I-5 wishing that I had my single speed so I could ride more freely and just be near water, but It just seems so different now that I don’t reside there.

I remember when this first happened, when I first had these feelings. It was in Nov. and Amy and I were driving in Seattle on a visit back. We looked at each other and at the same time realized that the connection was gone, we were no longer residents of Seattle. The weird thing was is that it wasn’t followed by sorrow or grief, it was just there and a reality, and it sucked.

I want to make the most of my time in Seattle during the next week. I want and will connect well with friends, eat and drink well and love the city as I always have. I just pray that I don’t feel like a visitor, but in some strange way feel like I am coming home. Home to the place where my children were born, where best friends were made, where coffee became more than just hot caffeine, and where people without tattoos are the minority. I’ll be Tweeting and let ya know how it goes.

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