cameraChapter 9 of Shane Hipps book Flickering Pixels is talking about the difference between true character vs how the media makes people look, either through TV or specifically photographs. I know, I know,  this explanation doesn’t make you wanna go out and buy the book right away, but let me continue.

OK, here we go with the meat of this post. The thing that struck me the most was in the second paragraph where Shane pointed out that: Former generations had heroes, people who are well known for remarkable feats of bravery, brilliance, creativity or self sacrifice,” but that today, celebrities are well known just for being well known.
He used the example of Fabio and Paris Hilton. Most of us don’t know why they are famous, we just know that they are famous, well Fabio may be famous for this.

Shane continued with the example of the pastor of the mega church. He or she is preaching live at one location while there are a few other locations watching him or her live, but on a screen. Shane pointed out that the video shows the talent of the preacher, not necessarily his or her character. Not that it is a bad thing to preach via satellite, people need to learn, but are we drawn to pastors or leaders because they are famous or because of their character and the content that they are delivering?

I teach at different YWAM schools and programs. Now I could easily just show up at these events, give my thoughts and ideas, pray and leave, or I could do these same things, but stay and hang out. Teaching and leaving doesn’t show the students my character, it just shows them my talent (or lack there of) and my heart. Now it is much easier for me to teach and leave, but if I want to be authentic and if I want people to learn more from me than just what I have to say then I need to hang out.

What struck me about this chapter was the whole idea of how the media is wanting us, or has created a way to show us people not as they truly are, but as they want us to see them.  We were created in the image of God, our creator. Society and our culture it trying, and succeeding in communicating that we need something more, we need to touch up what God has created. Basically telling us that we are not good enough and encouraging us to work on our shallow, surface things and not our character.

How have you seen this played out?

Do you follow people because they are known, or because you know them?

What reason are we giving people to follow us?

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  1. Carrie says:

    Oh and I am very thankful for seeing your personality as a speaker!! I’ve definitely seen and felt the celebrity-ness of a preacher and it’s intimidating. Thanks for being real, Phil!!

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