combineThese last few day’s have been chaotic to say the least, not that chaos is a bad thing. We have been moving out of our house as it has been rented out. Not only are we moving out, we are moving in to my in-laws house. In law sounds like such a negative thing, maybe I should refer to them as Amy’s parents, or my little girls grandparents. They are cool and it will be good to hang with them for a bit. In addition, we are packing for Thailand, we leave on Friday.

All this has brought some stress into my life. Today, Canada day I just want to relax and do nothing but read, post, eat and chill, but it seems as thought that is not happening either as there are Canada day things to do and repacking and organizing that needs to be done.

If I look on the bright side of things, which I usually do, I see it as a new step in our lives. We came here for a year and that year is done. When I look back on my year I have only good thoughts and memories of our time in small town Canada. We connected with Amy’s family, the girls know what a combine is and I have a new respect for -40 weather.

I am also excited about the Thailand trip. I get to work with good friends, travel to SE Asia, eat yummy Thai food and maybe kill another dog for food. I also get to do this with my family. Amy, Emma and Abby are all coming this year. I want to do missions as a family, it is more and more becoming one of my values. The one thing I don’t like about it is the fear of losing a kid or them getting mas sick from eating leafy food, happened to me once.

Lots of great things to look forward to. Now, I am gonna get back to eating and resting. Happy Canada day all.

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