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Today Amy and I celebrate our 11 years of marriage. This morning I have been looking back 11 years at some of the similarities and differences in me and in us. 11 years ago I woke up in the small town of Birch Hills, SK. and went to the town car wash in Amy’s 1986 Chevy Chevette and washed it spic and span for the day ahead. I was 20 + pounds lighter back then and my head supported hair down to my neck and a nasty (I thought it was cool back then) goatee. The thing about the goatee is that in our wedding pictures the only thing that showed from it was the mustache. Today, 11 years later I woke up and did the same thing in the same town, only this time I am driving a mini van and sport a wannabe beard and a fohawk.

11 years ago today I was still a virgin, had no kids and was moving to LA to go and work with YWAM. Today I happily say that I am not a virgin, have 2 beautiful kids and am moving to San Diego with our family to continue . chevrolet-chevette-9Picture 2Picture 3sex

our work with YWAM.

11 years ago I believed that to be a Christian meant to read your Bible, pray, go to church and tell others about Jesus. 11 years later I still believe those things, but my eyes have been opened to the truth that to be a Christian also means to do the things that Jesus modeled through His life. Things like doing justice. Taking care of the poor, the sick, the forgotten and the orphan. To give a voice to those who have had their voice taken away from them.

11 years ago I was doing everything I could to impress, love, take care of and put my bride first. Today, I am a selfish ass. Today I will work on being the man I was 11 years ago to my bride Amy. I love and care for you my Amy, I will do my best to make you feel like you felt 11 years ago, the most valuable and most important woman in the world.

Jesus help me.

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  1. congrats! debbie and i celebrate 22 years on the 8th. we were married in orange county, california.

  2. philnamy says:

    Thanks Andrew, and congrats to you and debbie for the 8th.


  3. Congrats!


    P.S. ummm, the 4th picture. I really don’t think that is the image you intended. At least not on this end. Hmmm…

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