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In 3 weeks I am speaking on a Justice DTS with YWAM in New Zealand. How did I land that gig you ask? Simple, I lied and told them I was Loren Cunningham’s son, haha. Regardless, I have been spending a significant amount of time these last few day’s on prepping for my time there.

These past two days I have been reading a lot on poverty. There are over 2000 mentions of the poor and poverty in the Bible. The ESV bible contains 181 verses with the word poor in it. This is something, obviously that God wants us to pay close attention to.

The Hebrew word for poor means someone who is wrongfully impoverished. Now there are many reasons for people being poor. Some are lazy, others have an incorrect worldview (the cast system in India), others are voluntarily poor and others, the kind of poor I and Jesus are talking about have had their rights, voice and life taken from them by others who are rich.

As the title of this post mentions, poverty drives people to do things that are inhumane and against all human nature. I was on Twitter today and saw this tweet from NEED Magazine that clearly shows this. Moms selling their children, most of the time not knowing what they are selling them into, so that they can have enough to eat, or to care for the rest of their families. I wanted to post it here for you.

Video here.

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