Wanting to start posting again, I am going to start with the Mission Adventures Tribes blog we are doing. Here is the just of it. We as a Mission Adventures leadership in N. America are going through Seth Godin’s Tribes book. We are taking pages and posting and commenting on it to bring and see strength come to the Mission Adventures network. Feel free to read along and hopefully get inspired by what we are doing to go and start your own tribe or lead the one you are currently in.

Well my friends and anyone following here we go with the Tribes posts. We are going to post Monday- Friday, a different person posting each day. I am excited to do this with you as I believe it will be good for the network and for us personally. So, without further adieu, I am going to get into pages 1-5.

In this section Seth is introducing us to Tribes, what they are and how they can function. Two quotes stood out to me in this section. The 1st was when he said “you cant’ have a tribe without a leader- you can’t have a leader without a tribe.” I believe that we have an amazing tribe with Mission Adventures, it is leadership that we are lacking. There seems to be this mass turnover in leadership, with people getting asked to lead the program after staffing it only once and just getting overwhelmed and just feeling left to it alone, it is not fair to them. We need to look for and give this program to leaders who can carry it. It is only fair to the leader and to the program.

Second quote is when Seth say’s that “all the ways of forming Tribes that are out there are all worthless if we don’t decide to lead.”This is so true with us. Basically going off of the previous paragraph, we have a great tribe and great opportunity, but we need leaders. Leaders who commit and are invested in it. I believe that through this next season we need to pour into the young leaders in this program. Serve them, invest in them, lead them and push them.

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