Tribes pages 6-12 are up for your reading pleasure. I will paste the content here and to follow along with the comments go to Tribes.

Seth, Starts off on page six talking about “How it’s easier today, then it’s ever been to connect people or tribes. He used the internet for a example as one of the tools that has helped connect people. He goes on to say that the internet is just a tool used to connect people. But we need more then just tools, we need authentic leadership to egg us on, not people who can do the job, but people who desire to make something happen.

On page seven Seth, talked about a topic We have danced around ‘MOVEMENT’ He said, that expressions of generosity is the fuel for a movement, not a marketing stunt.

On the next page We reed about opportunity. He says that there is tribes waiting for leaders and that everyone is now a leader! And with out leaders, there are no followers. After reeding about leaders it jumps into faith and talks about how We belief in an idea and in a community to build our tribe. As We build this tribe We nail it together with respect, and admiration for everyone, so that, it stays together. Then, He puts a question before us asking us, if We believe in what We do? This is a great question for us, spend some time thinking about it please! He goes on to say, that the leaders making the tribe a profitable, reliable, easier, and fun are! The heretics and the troublemakers! He says, that they bring the keys to success. He ends this topic by telling us that he hopes to make us into heretics….

Thomas Gray

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