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lightPg. 12-16 by Kim. In this section, Godin challenges us to reconsider leadership. First, he confronts our fear of leadership, reminding us that we are all called to lead. We are not sit around and wait for the big wigs to get things done, but rather we must begin to lead right where we are. And people want to be led. They are waiting to be led by real leaders.

The truth is that leadership is not nearly as hard as we all think it is. It is hard work, but it does not require us to wait until we have all the training, experience and credentials. We must start leading now, from where we are and with what we have. This takes courage and determination. I think is where our potential lies with mission adventures, taking young passionate leaders and giving them an opportunity to lead. Of course they will make mistakes I know I continue to make many but realizing that we are leaders and we must lead in order to see change. The mistake that we confuse leadership with management. While we will always have to do some management, that is not what true leadership is about. It is about creating change (and the environment in which change can take root).

The other thing about leadership that the author challenges us on is the models around which we define leaders. We have learned all our leadership and organizational structure from the monarchy. In order to truly lead together, we must find a way to unlearn the beliefs and deconstruct the systems that keep “the king on his throne”. Rather, we are called to connect with people in meaningful ways, sharing with them the vision we are calling them to. This is done by telling them the story of the vision and inviting them to join in. It is why I think it is important that as MA leaders we remain as hands on in the program as possible.

Page 16-20 by Tia “Stability is an illusion” are the first words that pop out as you engage page 16. Seth goes onto describe that the world is restless in the face of stability. That the bar has been raised on quality and that the world desires new ideas and new opportunities.

For the past few years that I have worked with MA I have found it hard to come up with new ideas and really be willing to change the program. There is one side of me that desires new adventures and to take groups along with me. But with that change I fear failure, that I will lose teams because we change the way we do things. That things may be disorganized or unpredictable and I wont have control. But the truth is that this keeps my team from having a creative environment and it becomes stagnant. In many ways stability is an illusion because the Lord is always engaging new ideas and wanting to take us along for the ride.

If we continue to have the focus of stability we will lose the focus on the Kingdom, and ourselves in the process. As we embrace change the young people with in our tribe will be challenged to step and take on leadership. The question for me as a leader am I going to encourage it, or as Seth asks, “Is your organization (leader) stiffer then the Pentagon?”

When we do not allow others to rise to the challenge we need to wonder where are we missing the heart of the father, and his passion for young leaders with new ideas?

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