Sam, from YWAM Las Vegas just posted on our Tribes book/blogging project for Mission Adventures. It is a great post, very thought provoking and challenging  as we look to bring health and leadership to Mission Adventures and our Tribe. You can read below or click here to go to the site.


300I think this chapter I like the most thus far.
For the upteenth time Godin refers to a non-profit that is small at it’s base and branches wide and strong. Acumen is a small group of investors and driven people who are drawn together by simply wanting to accomplish one goal.
Godin, “The better you do, the better you do. Connections lead to connections. Great ideas spread.”

This may be corny, but this reminds me of old YWAM. When I first read this, I thought, “ingenious!”

But, only if the anatomy of a movement truly is:

1. A story of who we are and what we’re building: We are God’s people seeking His kingdom.

2. A connection between and among the leader and the tribe: We are in conversation and dialog with Christ, but also commanded to loving/being in communication with one another…

3. We need something to do: If we’ve got eyes for “the kingdom” the world is our limit. We’ve no limitations or ceilings…only a kingdom to establish. And, as the last few pages had said, “We’re enabled. Given permission. Given the “authority” to accomplish this community effort.” Isn’t this original YWAM? Isn’t this not what we are today? At least not in full strength. “That’s it–Three steps: Motivate, connect, and leverage.”

I see this as Misison Adventures in it’s prime. Even in our weakest moments we’re doing this. We’re taking groups of young people, exposing them to the world, showing them other young people that have the same heart, then attempting to put them into that action long term….right?

I hope you realize the simplicity of our potential Misison Adventures essentially has every tool we need to create a large-scale movement.

We’ve got a drive: Christ.
We’ve got a community: Local Churches/eachother
We’ve got tasks: Growing for the sake of our belief, NOT FOR the sake of GROWING.

After Godin talks about his newsletter accomplishment….he makes it this simple…something we understand is the key to youth– “They wanted to be part of something that mattered. Twenty years later that team still talks about what we built.” I see this is micro-scale with MA.

I like that he was 24 years old. He built a community around him by simply sharing his story. But, we can’t share a story without one group goal. Perhaps the mission adventures network needs to step up in unity, and say, “This is our goal”. I know we’ve done this, but if we intentionally connected more of our locals, intentionally gave them more tools to take home, intentionally let this become their own tribe…it’d carry itself away.

A crowd is a tribe without a leader. <—-Sound like the Church?
A crowd is a tribe without communication <—-Sound like world ministry?
Crowds are interesting, and the can create all sorts of worthwhile artifacts….but tribes are longer lasting and more effective. <—-Sounds like the original 12 disciples.

I put 300 as the image…because a small group of highly communicative and driven people took out 10,000…with ease. This is us. We’re driven…if only we communicated…

We need to motivate, bring together, then let MA’s youth…engage. They have to be the main thrust of accomplishment!

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