houseDuring the last 3 months I have traveled a lot. In July my family and I went to Thailand to work with good friends up in the North. In Aug. the family got into our 7 passenger God gift of a van and drove over to Seattle where we spent a great week hanging with old friends and drinking amazing coffee. Following that we hopped into a huge ass moving truck and headed down the i-5 almost all the way to the bottom as we moved to Chula Vista, CA.

2 days after arriving in California I was on a plane to Auckland, NZ to teach on their Justice DTS. This was an unbelievable time of hanging with old friends, meeting new ones and getting to share what God has put on my heart for Justice. Following that I headed to Winnipeg, the Slurpee capital of the world for the Mission Adventures North American leadership meetings, more good times were had for sure. Finally, after one week home I went back to Winnipeg to teach on their Justice DTS, great times hanging with Jamie Arpin-Ricci and the gang.

Now, for the next 2 months at least I am home. I love it, I need it and I celebrate it. I love the travel, I love getting to speak, hang out with old friends and meet new ones, but there is nothing better than home. Thanks home for always being there for me.

In other news, I am starting to blog regularly again, yea.

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  1. funks says:

    i look very much forward to hearing more from you my friend. glad to hear that you are getting to finally settle into that home of yours in california and spend some much needed time with the family. enjoy it.

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