IMG_2399Last night I went down to the House Of Blues in San Diego with and empty wallet trying to scalp into the Pogues show. I have been waiting a long time to see The Pogues, ever since college when my friend Clayton played me the song “Whiskey Your The Devil.”

So, back to the show. I have not tried my unexplained gift of getting into shows free in San Diego yet, so last night was my first go at it. I asked this one girl if she had any extra tickets right when I got there. She told me she was on the guest list and if the band remembers to hand it in then she would give me her +1 ticket (as a guest you get to bring one person in with you). We waited and waited and no guest list. She was texting, phoning (Canadian for calling), and emailing, but no answer from the guest list holder. Then, 5 minutes before show time it was handed in and she in turn handed me her ticket. Wow, what a cool gift.

There was some time till the Pogues came on and the National League championship game was on so I walked around downtown. I got hungry and desperate so I ducked into 7-11 for a hot dog and was approached by Paul, a homeless dude. I asked him what he needed and he told me he needed to eat. 7-11 is not the greatest of restaurants, but I got a free ticket to a show so the least I could do was to get him a free dinner, even though 7-11 food will eventually kill you.

After that I headed back to the House Of Blues and on came the Pogues. It was a great show to say the least. They were old, drunker than I have ever seen anyone and played a tight, fast and entertaining show. They seemed to know that their fans payed a lot of money to get in, $57 and so they gave them their money’s worth. The only negative thing about the show is that I was there by myself. I need a good concert buddy, one who can get into shows for free, or is rich and doesn’t mind paying for themselves as I get my free tickets. If your interested let me know.

This weekend Amy and I are driving out to Las Vegas to try my hand at the sold out U2 show. We have some good friends going and our buddies here are watching the girls. I will be tweeting on Friday my progress, you can follow at

Alright, that’s it for now. See you on Friday.

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  1. Stuart says:

    I just gave away my u2 tix for Wednesday here in Vancouver…. Go conference and DTS calls. Lets just say it was a sacrifice for me and Jax. especially since Jax has never seen them…

    Pray for us. Enjoy the show when you get in!!

    miss you guys

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