u2Well, on Friday I managed to do it again, I scalped for cheap into an epic show. Friday morning Amy and I work up, dropped of the kids with some good friends and headed up to Las Vegas to see some friends and supporters who were meeting us there. We were also headed up to see if we could score tickets into the sold out U2 show.

After a 5 1/2 hour drive we ended up at Sam Boyde Stadium, 3 hours before the show. Amazingly there were a ton of people there already. Most of them were getting smashed so that they would have no memory of the show that they paid up to $260 for, others were selling tickets and others were standing in the GA line to get the best spot on the floor possible.

I have done this enough times that I know who to stay away from when looking for cheap tickets. For starters, if you care, I don’t talk to the guy’s who have a sign. Especially the signs that say “I need tickets” on one side and “selling tickets” on the other. I also stay away from anyone talking on their mobile phones while trying to sell tickets, they are just trouble. The people I talk to are everyone else. I just unashamedly ask for tickets, free tickets at that.

It took about 20 minutes until I saw this lady walking around. I approached her and asked if she had extra tickets. She told me she had 2, her daughters friends couldn’t come. She said they were $36 each, but she would sell them for $30. Something inside me told me that if I try to get her to $0 then I am just a cheap jerk, so I went for it. 2 tickets to U2 in Vegas for $60, pretty good deal to me. Plus, this was the smallest show on the tour, so there were no bad seats.

It was a great night. Amy and I had fun and U2 did a great job. You can see it here from LA. I am grateful for the kind gifts that are given to me in the form of shows. It is weird and shocking to say the least, but I feel like Jesus is cool with me going to shows and provides for it to happen. That and there are a ton of really cool people out there who just want to hook people up with free tickets to great shows.

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  1. Barry Houser says:

    I went to the show in LA, it was amazing. We bought our tix like 6 months ago through ticketmaster, Eddie Vedder would not approve. The day we bought the tickets, I got so excited and then realized that I had to wait for a long time before the show actually happened. Glad you got to see them, cool story.

  2. I am so proud off you that you did not try to get the tcks. free, that was an awesome price, wish i had been their. i watched them on Sunday on you tube,they were great.

  3. Ryan Hampton says:

    You are my hero, when I grow up. I wanna be just like you.

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