fridayToday is Friday the 13th. I remember as a kid being psyched about Friday the 13th and sitting down watching the movies with Jason the hockey mask wearing axe murderer. Good times, but I am glad I have moved on.

This weekend some people from “Freedom Project International“are coming down to TJ, Mexico. They are planning a documentary project that will trace human trafficking up the west coast, starting in Mexico and ending up in Vancouver, Canada. At the moment they are trying to find key contacts in government, law enforcement and at NGO’s that could help them get a feel for what’s really happening on the west coast.
The purpose of the documentary is ultimately to produce a tool that can bring the reality of trafficking home for people living on the west coast. Not only do they want to use the documentary to raise awareness but they also want to give people tangible ways that they can be involved *here* in the US, in their back yards and in their communities. I’m not entirely sure what this all looks like yet, but that’s why it’s a documentary. They are going to discover and interview as they go.

I am excited to be able to hang with these peeps over the next few days to learn, become aware and figure out how to act. It goes great with what we have been discovering down in TJ with the issue of prostitution and child prostitution. I pray that this weekend God gives us some key way’s to be involved and act on His behalf in this area. I’ll keep this updated as to how things are going.

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