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Today, Nov. 15 is the 1st day of Celtic Advent. Celtic Advent comes from Ireland and is a time of reflection and looking to Christ. Celtic Advent goes from Nov. 15- Dec. 24, lasting 40 day’s. The first time I heard of this season was 3 years ago while reading Celtic Daily Prayer.

What do I do during Celtic Advent? Well every night, before going to bed I light a white candle  and say the following prayer:

God of the watching ones,
give us your benediction.

God of the waiting ones,
Your good word for our souls.

God of the watching ones,
the waiting ones
the slow and suffering ones,
give us Your benediction,
Your good word for our souls,
that we might rest.


and of the angels in heaven, and of the child in the womb,

give us your benediction,
Your good word for our souls,
that we might rest and rise
in the kindness of Your company.

Then I blow my candle out and go to sleep. My prayer for this years advent is to grow closer to Jesus and to hear his voice and feel his peace so that I can grow and be a shining example of Jesus to all whom I meet. I would encourage you to practice this simple tradition over the next 40 days and see God do great things in your life as you get ready for Christmas.

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