I am writing this on my phone in an Atlanta hotel bar at 12:57am so it may be a bit shady. I am going to write about the girl that I met on the plane yesterday as I flew to Atlanta. I forget her name, buy I will never forget her.

She was one of the last passengers on the plane and I noticed her instantly. She had the largest boobs I have ever seen and she sat right next to me. As soon as she sat down she started telling me about her boob job and how she was scared about internal bleeding. If your reading this and wondering where I’m going from here I will warn you that it only gets worse, haha.

She proceded to tell me that people had been rude to her all day saying that her boobs were not proportional to the rest of her frame. She asked me what I thought, so I politely told her they looked fine (I’m laughing at the whole thing just writing this).

For the next 2 hours she talked to me about how other girls were jealous of her and were mean to her because of her boobs. She bragged on how her boobs were her best feature and told me that her goal was to be in Playboy.

She also asked me what she should tell her parents. I told her that they would probably notice right away, there was no hiding these things. She also talked about and asked me about getting fake id to get into bars (she was 18). She talked about her dissfunctional family, her half sister who is a stripper and her sisters 3 kids.

When we landed she asked me to help carry her bag as she didn’t want to rupture her new boobs, so I walked it with her to an airport travel car. She told them she was disabled, got on the car and went to her gate. Now I am sitting here at 1:14am writing about her.

I’m writing cause I am sad. Most guys love looking at big boobs, but we never think of the person that they are attached too. This girl was so lost, so insecure, so desperate. What happened in her life to bring her to this? Where will she go from here? It seems like a road to self destruction, pain and lonelyness. I have been praying for her and thinking of her all day. I hurt for her and wanted to write the story down so as not to forget.

I thnk about all the things I could of said, but feel like I said none of it. I just tried to look forward and be nice. I pray that God puts some good people I’m her life. People that will walk with her and not use her, like she thinks she deserves.

It’s been a crazy last 24 hours. I’m thankfully for my life and the people in it. I want to be used of God every day. I hope I’m ready, I hope I’m prepaired.



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11 comments so far on “Big boobs and broken hearts

  1. Crystal says:

    Phil, so often I think of the people who are in films, or even the cranky people on the street, the ones that nobody wants to talk to cuz they are cranky, or soemtimes they seem a little “out there”, we are all broken and using empathy when walking around, or riding a plane is our best tool. To be able to think about how someone got lost along the way I think is the first step to helping them.
    I think the best thing you could have done for her at that moment, you did. You were a gentleman who sat and listened and didn’t gawk. Who knows what fruits will come from that, but something will! Rest assured!

  2. lovebug35 says:

    haha.. wow. are you serious? Is she like a slut or something?

  3. .justin says:


    i’m referring to this post’s content and your prayer for this young woman, not her fake boobs.

  4. Ben parsons says:

    I don’t know if one can really give an accurate assesment without squeezing at least one.

  5. cestlavie80 says:


  6. Dave says:

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for being honest enough to write this post. It’s something we’ve all seen, maybe not as closely as you, and probably either been judgmental or completely awkward about. I see it all the time here in Vegas and don’t know what to do. Thanks for giving me something to start with.

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