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Last night I went to see KISS, for the 3rd time. I knew that they were coming to town, but I wasn’t sure when. To be honest, I wasn’t even thinking about seeing them as I had seen them 3 times before and it wasn’t the original line up this time, only Gene and Paul were left. On Thursday night I had this crazy dream that I was on stage with KISS and then on Friday (yesterday) morning I saw on-line that they were in town. So, I called up my friend Craig and he sounded real keen to go, so we decided to head down to the San Diego Sports Arena and scalp on in to the show.

As per usual at a rock show their was lots of hair, tight pants and fake boobs, but at a KISS show there is all of this and heavy make-up. We roamed around the arena asking for tics and eventually, after an hour or so we landed two tickets for $10 each. They were in the nose bleed section, but when you go to see a band that has been playing for 35 years you want bad seats to avoid the reality that you are rocking out to people who are as old as Grandma and Grandpa.

If I were to sum up the two hour rock/piro extravaganza in one word that word would be empty. The show was full of screaming guitars, fire, explosions, high pitched screaming and drum solos but it had no content, no depth and left me feeling that I should be home reading a good book or playing with my kids.

This makes me wonder if it was the show or was it just me? Am I getting older, do I want more than just pure entertainment now or am I just old and boring? I am gonna go with the first option that I want more. One of the things that Paul Stanley (singer) said last night is that “rock stars are not here to answer all your questions, they are here to help you take the night off and be entertained.” Now I agree with that statement, but take a stand for something for crying out loud. Use your rock star status to give something, support something, rally people behind something.

Now if you know me at all you expect me to say at least something good and of redemptive value about the show, so here it is. The encore was great. Lots of build, heavy fire and smoke and they played Detroit Rock City, which is one of the quintessential rock songs of all time. Those dudes are old, they need the make-up now to hold their faces on, so I will give them props for standing up for 2 straight hours and entertaining people, but if they ever put out another album and decide to tour again I will shoot them myself.


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  1. Johnny says:

    He Phil,

    From next spring on I’ll live in Amsterdam, the cultural center of Holland (and Europe, and maybe the world), trying to follow in your footsteps and going to shows and festivals, so don’t bail on me know, like KISS is bailing on you. Everybody needs hero’s and you’re one of mine, you know that right? But..ok..yes.. I understand what you are saying and I’ve had some similar experiences in the past, being left with my disillusions and emptiness. Anyway: how’s life? Hope I’ll see you again soon. We’re leaving for Jordan in a few weeks by the way.


    Your biggest fan

    • philnamy says:

      bro, life is good, and I will not bail on you, no way. I just will pick my rock shows more carefully. Jordan, that will be great. What are you doing over there, besides DTS outreach. I am headed to Cambodia in Jan, would love to work with you there.

      So Amsterdam hey, now I have a reason to visit you again. Anyway, i’m still keeping my pennies, love ya man.

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