This is the second time in 2 weeks that I have blogged on boobs. The first time is here and now this one. Why am I blogging on this again? Well because of what happened to my blog stats after the last post.

Most of my posts get between 30-50 visits, but the boob post brought in 161 views, hmmm interesting. Ever since that post my views have been averaging 60+ per post. I wonder why this happened? Was it because I was talking about a girl that I hurt for or was it because I had the word boobs in the title? I would hope for the former, but I would have to believe that it is because of the title.

So, this is my little experiment. I will let this post be for a few day’s and see how my ratings go and post back the results. I am being a bit vulnerable revealing how many or little people view my blog, but then again who cares. I’m not doing it for ratings, I’m doing it for me and hopefully it blesses a few people along the way.

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6 comments so far on “Boobs and blog ratings

  1. Robert Kelley says:

    Interesting experiment… I’m excited to see the results

  2. masonjars says:

    The same thing happened to me after writing about the child pageants in the movie “little miss sunshine”
    So I was annoyed and wrote a post with the Title: 14 year old girl stripping
    haha.. annnd.. its my most viewed post to date.

  3. craig says:

    I’ve loaded the page 75 times already… Hope this doesn’t mess up your stats!

  4. Andy says:

    I follow your blog from time to time, but I definitely clicked the link because of the title. I think it may be more about the contrast that the title had with what people would expect your life to look like. For me, it was more like, “What the heck? I’m sure it will make sense if I read it, but I’m dying of curiosity as it doesn’t seem like something you would post.” I suppose in the back of my head I worried that somebody hacked your account and started posting… I wonder if you’d get the same “viewing explosion” if you posted something with the title, “Having Open-Heart Surgery Tomorrow”, “I just converted to Mormonism”, or “My 3 Drunken Nights in Vegas”.

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