On Wednesday evening I headed down to TJ, Mexico to be a part of the Zona Norte ministry. A bunch of us go there every Wednesday evening to feed the poor and pray through the red light district. This Wednesday I rode down with my Norwegian friend Ingvar.We got down there and as we were walking out of the parcade we prayed and asked Jesus to direct us to people who needed him.

No sooner were we done our prayer when this dude came up to us asking if we wanted some dope. I told him no and kept walking, but Ingvar, instead of walking away reached into his pocked and pulled out his Evangecube. Now I  love Jesus and want others to know Him, but I am not a huge fan, or even a partial fan of the Evangecube. I have mocked this thing to no end and here I was standing on the corner of the red light district of TJ watching Ingvar go through it with Raul, our new Mexican buddy.

When Ingvar was done going through the message Raul asked if we could pray for him. I asked what he wanted prayer for and he told us that he was addicted to heroin and wanted Jesus to help him. I asked him to pray and he, in his prayer asked Jesus to forgive his sins, which he took total responsibility for and help him get off dope. I was amazed. Here is was making fun of this gospel tract and then 5 minutes later this man was giving his life back to Jesus. Now I truly believe it wasn’t the evangecube that spoke to Raul, but it was Jesus speaking to him out of our obedience. If He wanted to, Jesus could have used the lyrics to Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” song and the same results would have happened.

I guess what I am saying is that God rewards our obedience and answers our prayers. We prayed that God would use us and He did. He used us to see change in Raul’s life and used us to do it through a gospel rubix cube that I mocked even as Ingvar was taking it out of his pocket. What is Jesus asking from you? What are you praying that He will do in your life, or use you to do in the lives of others? Are you willing to be the answer to your own prayer? I wasn’t, but I am glad Ingvar was as it has encouraged me and given me faith and an excitement for next time.

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