Last night Ingvar, Teresa and I went down to the Zona Norte in Tijuana, MX to visit some friends, share the gospel and eat tacos. Every Wednesday night (most Wednesday’s at least) a few of us go down to the red light district of TJ to hand out soup and hot chocolate to the homeless, drug addicts, average Joe’s and everyone in between who wants soup and hot chocolate.

Last night there were 3 of us who went down (picture coming soon). I was posting live on Twitter of the events that took place. There were two different times that we were stopped and searched by the Federalies, which was a little nerve racking at first to be honest. We were stopped, asked to put our hands on the hood of the car and empty our pockets.

This happens often in TJ when I am with Ingvar, 4 times in the last two visits actually. At some point last night while spread out over the car I looked at Ingvar and said “you enjoy this don’t you?” I was actually starting to see the humor of it as well. While I was collecting my things off the hood of the car I looked over and saw Ingvar going over the Evangecube with an officer who was holding an AK-47. I realized that these officers were not out to hurt us, but to do their jobs and protect us white dudes in the heart of their city. Most white dudes down there are looking for one of two things, Drugs and sex. We on the other hand were looking to give something, not take something.

There is much fear in going down to Mexico these days. In fact, we here working with YWAM have seen a significant drop in teams coming to Mexico to build houses because of fear and the good old American news channels. I want to go on record saying “come, come down here.” This place needs you, this place needs Jesus, this place has great tacos. What better time to come to Tj than in this time of vulnerability and fear?

One of the times down there Ingvar asked “how does Jesus see TJ? What will TJ look like in Heaven?” I believe it is supposed to be a park, a park in the middle of a city. A park where children play, people take naps, couples cuddle, cotton candy is sold and flowers grow. I will continue to go down to this city and ask God to show me His TJ.


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  1. DJ Kilt says:

    What will Jesus’s taco stand look like in Heaven?

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