So I am doing these daily posts on the Steps Of Justice site for the season of Lent. Each week we have a justice action day and this past weeks action was about hunger. I challenged the reader to give up food for one day during the week. The challenge was not to just give up food, but to feed someone with the food you gave up. Jesus says beautifully in the gospel that “I was hungry, but you gave me nothing to eat.” He then goes on to say that those who did not walk out justice will be cast out of his sight.

On Friday friend Tiki and I decided to fast lunch. At 12:30 we went downtown and gave our lunches that we made, to someone who was hungry. We drove down town to Petco Park, where a few years earlier was home to lot of the homeless in San Diego before the city pushed them out. We sat down with two different men, after waking them up, and gave them our lunch and some bottled water. Both these men were extremely grateful for the meal and held our hands as we prayed and thanked Jesus for it and for them. It was a beautiful time of sacrifice and obedience to what we believe God has called us to as followers of Jesus. I pray that I don’t forget what He has called me to as His servant.

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