I have not been posting to much on this site as I have been trying to post daily over at Steps Of Justice. I had these grandiose plans of posting on a different justice issue each day of Lent and putting it into a prayer and action calendar. All the info, statistics, prayers and actions were set and ready to go, but in the end we couldn’t pull it all together for Lent. We are still planning on putting the calendar together, hopefully in print by the end of April, but until then I post each day.

I am seeing that these daily posts are mostly for me and not for others. This is evident by the number of views on the site. I won’t tell you how much or little, but it isn’t much ;-). Anyway, It is good for me to be disciplined in doing this. Instead of giving up something for Lent this year, I guess I have picked something up (the justice posts). I feel myself getting passive and apathetic about injustice issues, and that is the last thing that I want or need to be. So, my prayer and action is that I post every day to remember.

To end, God is teaching me through this season of Lent. It is stretching, confusing and refreshing, in a sick way that I am not satisfied or content with my life, but want and desire more. There are 18 day’s left of Lent, I’m looking forward to how I am on the other side.

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