This is a journal entry I found today that I did in Cambodia. Thought I would post it here

It’s 5:43 am in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and I can’t sleep. For some reason when I am in countries like Cambodia I wake up early, but today is an exception, it is super early. So instead of tossing and turning in bed I go up to the 7th floor roof of the house I am staying at and look over the whole city. The thing is though that there are no city lights, there is no downtown, there are no skyscrapers, there are only houses and buildings with a few lights on as far as the eye can see. It is quiet, but soon the noises of the street will take over the silence. It is also hot. While most of Europe and all of Canada are in a deep freeze I am sitting outside in shorts and a t listening to chickens and sweating.

I love this country. I love that yesterday we hung out with the same tuk tuk driver and paid him $13 to take us all over the city from morning till suppertime, and he loved it. At times there were two of us, other times 7 and other times 6 including an 8 month old little girl and he just kept driving us around. At one point we needed to stop and find a camera as one of the girls here forgot one. The driver didn’t understand English, but he did understand camera so he drove us all over and stopped each time he thought he found one. He was very kind.
The other thing is that no one gets angry at anyone here, well at least not in traffic. We cut so many people off and were cut off so many times, but everyone just smiles/laughs about it and moves on. Don’t they know that I have the right of way? I guess that doesn’t matter here.

In a city filled with so much hurt (history, trafficking, poverty), there seems to be such joy and such life. Today we are meeting with some people who are deeply involved in bringing life out of that hurt. We will spend time with Hagar International, and World Visions Justice department. I know there is more here, I know there is devastation and hurt and there needs to be healing. That is why I am here, to see how I can be a part of that for this country that I love.

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