I am teaching at a youth retreat near Seattle in a couple of weeks and my good friend Marcus, who is c0-coordinating the time asked me to speak on two topics. The first topic is on Jesus as a rebel and the second is on the Church as a rebel. This morning as I was grinding my cafe Vivace I told Jesus that I need His help, that I have nothing to give into this. I hate that feeling, but better now than when I am standing in front of 50+ people at the retreat.

So, I sat down and started reading through the book of Acts to see what the Church is all about. I was stopped in Acts 6 where it tells of the Grecian Jews who were complaining because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. So, the twelve disciples gathered together and chose seven brothers who were full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom and turned the responsibility over to them. This seems so random that these 7 verses would be placed into the book with no context to back it or any follow up texts preceding it. I love it.

My heart and my understanding of God’s heart is that He cares deeply about the teaching of His word and the care of the sick, oppressed, widow, child, helpless, voiceless, imprisoned, etc. I see more and more that these 7 verses are not random at all, they are scattered throughout the Bible and we as followers of Jesus so easily overlook them. I love that my Jesus cares about such things and makes it brilliantly clear and directed in His word.

Once again, when I speak about the Church and Gods call on our lives to these youth I am drawn to the command of Doing Justice (Micah 6:8). The Church of Jesus Christ is called to be a community of people pursuing what it looks like to be Christ followers both corporately and individually. I am challenged and encouraged that this Christ who I strive with others to follow cares about the poor and calls us to be His hands, his feet, His wallet and His servants to the least and the broken. I am excited to bring this to the retreat next week. I hope lives are changed and eyes are opened to Gods call on His church.

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  1. Wade says:

    Hey bro

    This is a cool topic you are talking about. (my 2c worth)

    I once did a communion message (actually last week) kind of on Jesus being a rebel. What he did when he made the communion thing was hijack the current culture of eating the passover meal but then stated to his disciples to “now do this in rememberance of me”. So I thought how would Jesus hi-jack todays culture and turn it to him in this day and age. So I came up with music. Before eating the bread and wine we all listened to Jordis Unger (Chick from rockstar INXS) remake ‘knocking on heavens door’…cos Jesus would be a rockstar. And I challenged the teens to do the same in their lives – be a christian who goes against the grain, that isn’t waxing before marriage etc. A kind of anti-rebel ( a rebel to the rebels) to our current culture.

    I thought it went well at the end when one of the group was crying – but then it just ended up that her friend had had the same song at her recent funeral

    Bless you bro – love your musings


  2. philnamy says:

    such a cool idea Wade, thanks man. I hope I can make some people cry tonight too, haha. I really want this to come out of who I am and not what I say. I want Jesus to move me as much as I want Him to move them.

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