It has been almost two years since my family moved from Seattle and it still feels a bit like home each time we come back. 2 day’s ago we left California and started the long 1200 mile drive up the I-5 to the Seattle area. As soon as we crossed into the Pacific North West I felt like I was home. There is such a difference up here than down south. The smells, the trees, the people, the cities, the houses and almost everything else actually.

I am seing that I am way more at home in the North West than in the South West. To be more blatant, I don’t like California. If I were to describe the San Diego area where I live it is a cross between a shopping mall and a giant theme park, with a bunch of liquor stores scattered all around. It is hard for me to live in a place like that, but I feel like this is where God has us for a season. I guess I see the North West as more raw, real, down to earth and laid back. The northwest looks like you are in a thrift store where as S. California is like living in the GAP (not the prayer acronym, but the store).

Anyway, so for these next 10 day’s I will enjoy being up here among the fir trees, rain, grunge and friends (not necessarily in that order). I am excited about this weekend too as I will be speaking to a bunch of high schoolers on the Peninsula about Jesus and the Church. I am thankful that I get to come back to this place that I love so much to teach and do things that I am passionate about. Much fun will be had and many good cups of strong coffee will be consumed.

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