This week I am teaching at the Jr. High camp up in Washington St. It is cold, rainy (Washington rain, not torrential downpour), and I am sleeping in a tent with a bunch of loud yet cool Jr. High students. We had different workshops today and I facilitated two on justice focussed issues. I was not sure how this was going to work as I was working with young students, but it turned out to be rad.

I talked about obedience and the whole concept of Steps Of Justice, which is an organization I am in the middle of setting up. We talked about how God is just asking us to respond with a step in regards to the injustices we see around us every day, both locally and internationally. There was some great response and discussion that happened during the 45 minute workshop. I shared about Zach Hunter, Scott Harrison, and Tom. My purpose was to let the students know that they can make a difference, you can make a difference.

There is no excuse to now be aware of the injustices that are going on around us every day. Stuff in regards to who makes our cloths, our food, our coffee and our electronics. Stuff in regards to the poor, the hungry, the un-educated, etc. Another thing we did today was a Steps of Justice action day where the students split up into three groups, Water, Poverty, and Food. The water group didn’t use water, the food group didn’t eat and the poverty group didn’t have anything. We encouraged them to pray when they were hungry, or felt gross or dirty.

I hope and believe we have taught some great lessons and practical applications today. I love my job.

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