The last few days I have woken up anxious and stressed about the Steps Of Justice project that I co-launched with my good friend Wayne. This project has been a dream of mine for the last 7 + years. It was only within the last year and a half that I actually knew how the dream was to come to reality. Over the years I have spent countless hours reading, praying, teaching and travelling for the sake of Justice. During that time I was talking and reading about all the injustices that I could find. I often wondered if I should just pick one and focus on that, but I couldn’t ignore all the evil in the world just to focus on helping one evil become right.

I don’t know when it was or if it was a sudden realization or gradual one, but last year I found what I was looking for, or it found me, I’m not sure. What I do know is that when Steps Of Justice came to my head I knew it was where I was to focus my energy and efforts. There has been favor and blessing all over Steps Of Justice since it’s launch in May. We have raised over $1000, have sold and given out 500+ 30 Day Justice guides, have almost 100 followers on Twitter and 160+ likes on Facebook. Now this may not be world changing, but it is something.

When we started this we felt that it was supposed to come from us, not be funded through YWAM, the organization we volunteer with. I have, with permission from my wife Amy (this is always a good idea) funded Steps of Justice and the 30 day Action Guide out of our own pockets. We understand and believe that if we are to do justice it shouldn’t come without a price to us. It should cost something, both financially and in our time and efforts. We believe in this, we stand behind it and we will continue to do it again and again. This was greatly influenced by our friend Eugene Cho over at One Day’s Wages.

The thing is, I don’t feel that Steps Of Justice is to be a small mom and pop thing. I want Steps to become a movement of people who are doing justice. This is what we are all called to. Micah 6:8 says that God has shown us what is good, and that He requires us to do justice. Today I was reading in Matthew 6 where Jesus talks about when you give to the needy to not brag about it in public, but to do it privately. In this passage Jesus just assumed that as followers of Him that we would be giving to the needy, it is supposed to be a part of our lives. I was once again convicted and convinced that this is Jesus call for His people.

Now in saying this, I don’t want Steps Of Justice to be this giant company without a face, I just want it to be giant with a lot of faces, yours and mine. A movement is a group of people, with common beliefs and goals moving to change the world for good (my definition). This is what I want, I want to see the world changed. I want to see people on fire and that fire spreading to all we come in contact with.

This movement in my belief starts with a step. I believe that steps starts with me, it starts with you. The step I took is to create the Steps Action Guide. What I am asking is if you would take a step with me to see justice continue to happen, specifically in and through our life. Weather you are a current champion of justice, or someone who is just hearing about this stuff for the first time I am asking if you would support Steps Of Justice by purchasing a 30 Day Action Guide. This guide can be used for you to learn and do justice, or it can be used to introduce someone else that you know to justice issues.

The other thing I am asking is if you like Steps, please send the info and links to your friends. Lets see more likes on Facebook, and more followers on twitter. My hope and dream is that more and more people rise up and take a stand for justice out of the dreams, passions and gifts that they already have. It’s not about me, it’s about justice and obedience.

When I started this post I was stressed. Stressed about the money I owe for the Prayer Guide, stressed about it going nowhere and stressed just because I was stressed. In closing this post my stress is turning into faith and trust. Faith and trust that this is from God and no matter what happens realizing that I am called to obedience, regardless of outcome.


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  1. Thanks for your honesty & passion, bro. Reading this only further convinces me that we’d do anything for you guys to call Winnipeg home. I’ll even spray some aerosol to speed up global warming! Oh, umm… not so just. Never mind. (wink)

  2. philnamy says:

    Thanks Jamie, love ya man. Can’t wait to spend time in Oct. Thanks for all the cool and great idea on Steps Of justice too.

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