I have a new weekly routine, it involves crossing the border into Mexico for work 3 times a week. It usually takes me 40 minutes to get to work and between 60-75 to get home, longer because of the border line going into the USA. I love my drive from Mexico to the USA, especially my waits at the border.

You see lots of things in the border line. You see all sorts of people doing all sorts of things. There are the classic people selling chicklets, others selling tacos or churros, people collecting money for charities, and others just begging for money, old and young. You can also buy anything you want in the border line. From a monkey on a surf board to a cute baby puppy they have it there for you. You can also buy sex.

Yesterday when I was crossing I noticed something odd. There was a girl, dressed in a white shirt and black shorts talking into the window of a white truck. I had already been recording my surroundings as I waited in line, so I pointed my phone towards her to see what was going on. After some time she moved away from the truck that she was at and headed towards a group of mexican men. She proceded to walk by them and ended up at another car, this time accompanied by a man.

In my head I knew that this dude, and probably the other guy’s with him were selling this young girl to people in the border line for sex. The pimp kept motioning to the girl and then to the turn around lane for cars that wanted to get out of the border line and head back into Mexico. I realized for sure that he was trying to sell her for sex when the Mexican police came over, grabbed the guy and took him away. As this was happening the girl walked away from the truck and disappeared from my sight.

I turned to the truck that the girl was at and asked them what was going on. “Was that guy trying to sell you that girl for sex” i asked. “Yes” they replied. “How much were they selling her for” I asked. No response. “How old was the girl?” “12” they said. Then I drove up to catch the car in front of me as I was only a few yards from the border. I was shaken up, disturbed at what I had just witnessed over the past 5 minutes and numb as to what to do.

I felt good that the man trying to sell her was taken away, but then I started thinking about the girl. What about her? There were other guy’s involved in this too, what about them? The guy was arrested, but the girl was still on the street and vulnerable. They should have taken her too. I mean she was only 12, she is the one that needs rescued.

I am sitting here, and have been for the past 14 hours since this went down and wondering what else should have happened. What else could I have done, could the border guards have done? Where is the girl now? Did she sleep at home last night? Does she have a home? Is she Mexican or was she trafficked in from another country? Does she go to school? How long has she been a sex slave? Does she cuddle up to a stuffed animal at night for comfort, or do men cuddle up to her for their own perverted satisfaction? There is this feeling of emptiness, desperation of wanting to go find her and just plain hurt.

I am embedding the video below for you to watch. I don’t know the girls name, but please pray for her. Pray for her rescue and that justice would be done.

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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for posting Phil. I will pray with you for this girl who, I am sure, represents too many more.

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