Tonight as a school we watched the documentary Call + Response. This is the 3rd time that I have seen the movie, the second time in under a week. For the past three days in the school that I am teaching in I have been pounding the need for us as followers of Jesus to “do justice.” There has been some momentum, but tonight it really came down and there was some real movement in the students that are in the school.

After the movie we took time in the dark to share with Jesus and each other what was going on in our heads. There was lots of prayers of confusion (what do we do with this now)? Lots of prayers of repentance for us as people being a part of the issue. And lots of prayers of passion “send me Lord, I want to be involved in the abolition of slavery and injustice.”

For me personally, I sat and wept once again during the movie. It was a confirmation that I am on the right road in my journey to do justice. This is a call that God has given and I am giving my life as a response. Cornel West says in the movie “free your mind and your ass will follow.” Well, my ass is following and there is no turning back.

It started with a heart for justice and has turned into some beautiful action. A few months ago we put out the Steps Of Justice action guide and the Steps Of Justice web site. Currently we are doing 30 days of justice through the month of October and I keep thinking and dreaming of what is next. What is next is that I need people who are passionate about these issues, have relationship with me and are willing to step into this being their future. I want to do this with my friends, with other like minded people who are in my life. I have been blessed and gifted with people like Jamie and Kim, Lars, Amy (my wife), Wayne and other who have been walking this journey with me and I need more.

I am excited about what is next, I am excited about what has already happened and I dream for a future where we are used to do great things with small steps. In short, it has been a good two weeks of teaching. I miss my wife and my girls, I am ready to go home, but I am honored at the gift I have been given to do justice.

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  1. Hey bro,

    We believe in Steps of Justice (and you guys). We love being part of this journey. Can’t wait for more!


  2. Scott says:

    Hey there Phil;

    I am being challenged as I follow along with the steps of justice. Our small group sponsored the presentation of this movie as part of our church initiative “Stop the Traffic”. It has been a six month process of fundraising to support global projects to stop human trafficking. We are excited about the impact on our church and global community.

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