There has been some great action going on over at Seth Barns blog after a post that he put up on my Say the Prayer And Go To Heaven story from this past summer. If you want to see the comments that generated on Seth’s blog then you can follow the link here.

The main point of the conversation is  regarding evangelism and people coming to a saving knowledge of Christ. I fully believe that when Jesus tells us in Matthew 28:18-20 to make disciples of all nations that he is not just calling us to get people to say a prayer, but calling us to stand with those people and walk with them in their new found relationships with Christ. I also believe that it is not just a call, but a command.

Now I realize that this is not always possible, especially in the context of my time in Haiti, but how can we make it so that when we do go to places to bring the love and saving grace of Jesus that we are not just leaving people as spiritual orphans? I understand and believe that the Holy Spirit can, will and does reveal himself to people when there is no others to do it, but is that always the case or is there a higher calling that we are missing? What would it look like to stay and disciple instead of leave? What would it look like to work a little harder and research some churches or pastors in the area to go in and see discipleship happen?

I feel like we are in such a rush to get people into heaven that we are missing something vital, relationship and discipleship. I am not preaching to you alone, but myself as well. This is one of the things we are trying to see happen with Steps Of Justice, a ministry that a few of my friends and I have started. We want to see people come to know Jesus, all of Jesus. The Jesus who saves their souls, the Jesus who meets their needs and the Jesus who wants fullness of life for all. What do people need? They need Jesus. What does Jesus provide? Life, and life abundant.

How do you see this happening?

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