Today is the 5 year anniversary of my blog. Last year my good friend Lars posted the first blog he ever posted on his anniversary, so in the same spirit I post my first ever blog post.


I was just listening to a sermon by Erwin Mcmanus, the pastor of Mosaic Church in Los Angeles. It really spoke to me about being real. Recently one of my friends had some trouble in his life because they didn’t tell people what they were struggling with. They tried to do it alone and be invincable. What happened was that my friend fell.

This is a quote from Erwin in his message

” It is amazing how much strength love will give you and how much strength you will find when you care about other people even more than yourself. And I know this, no matter how sincere you are, your going to need some extraordinary strenth to overcome your rapids you are going to find yourself drowning in. And that is why we all need Jesus. Because when He enters our life, when we give our hearts to Him He becomes our source of strength. And when your exhausted and you have no energy left and you don’t think that you can make it one more day, you will find that He is always strong. Especially when you are honest about your weakness.”

I pray that we would be honest today about our weaknesses and that we would take them to God and take them to each other so that we would become the kind of people for God that we desire to be.


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