I just wanted to post a quick thank you to my good friends Scott and Wayne. Scott, who works as aweb designer and made the Steps Of Justice site look so pretty has been super helpful over the past 5 months. Wayne is the guy who made the 30 day Prayer & Action guide look so pretty and inspired me to go for it with Steps Of Justice. I am super grateful for both of you dudes for all your work and belief in me and in Steps Of Justice.

The most recent project that Scott and Wayne have helped with is the “do justice” shirts. just today we launched a store to help raise money for Steps Of Justice and to be able to do more with the ministry.  We wanted to send this to you to see if you would consider stopping by the store and picking up a “do justice’ shirt as a Christmas gift for you or for someone else? I realize I have talked about this a bunch lately, but it is because I am super excited about it. Excited that we are growing and excited to have creative ways of promoting justice and raising money to keep Steps Of Justice moving. (all profit goes back into Steps Of Justice, not to my snack habit). Please help us spread the word about Steps Of Justice by wearing this sweet shirt and telling the story of how you desire to “do justice.” All proceeds from the shirt go towards the ministry of Steps Of Justice. They are $14 in the USA and $16 in Canada (shipping included).

You can check it by clicking here.


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