Well tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, a day to repent and remember that we are sinners and in need of the saving love of Jesus. It is also the start of 40 day’s of craving the thing that you give up for Lent. In past years I have given up booze, music and eve coffee I think. This year, I am giving up 3G. Yep, thats right, I am only going to get online when I have a wireless signal, no using the network. I find myself looking at my phone way to often, and need an excuse to be disciplined in it. What does this mean, it means that I am going to be constantly looking at my phone for a wireless signal, haha. Actually, it means that I will give more time to my family, friends, driving and even Jesus.

The other thing I am doing is going through the Steps Of Justice Prayer & Action guide. There are a bunch of people doing justice together this year, over 300 are going through the Steps guide, that I know of. I am excited about Lent, I always look forward to it, even though it is hard. The best part for me is doing something for a consistent amont of time and then celebrating the end with resurrection Sunday (Easter).

What are you giving up for Lent this year? Why are you giving it up? What will you replace it with instead? Cheers, and happy Lenting.


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