Who we are and what we care about is made clear from those who know us the most. When people talk about you what do they say? How do they describe you? What words do they use, what questions do they ask and where does the conversation go when people are talking to you? Sometimes when we don’t know who we are or what we care about it is best to listen to those closest to us.

Yesterday I was in a leadership meeting with the YWAM location I am a part of. There were approx. 40 of us sitting around a table sharing ideas about future, vision and mission statements. There were at least a half a dozen times during the day where the statement was shared “we should call our ministry Steps Of…, or Steps of …” It happened so much that I started to get annoyed and bothered at the mockery. Incase you didn’t know, I recently co-founded a ministry called Steps of Justice. I care deeply about justice issues and have for many, many years now.

The other thing that came up a number of times during the meeting was the statement “hey Phil, when we come up with ideas as to what people like about YWAM San Diego/Baja lets see how many people say Justice. Lets see how much influence that you have over people.” Now these statements were not said in spite, they were just said cause I am an easy target, and I’m ok with that.

To be honest, I left the meeting kind of pissed at all the comments. The more I thought about it the more I got frustrated. Then it hit me, the reason they are talking about Steps and Justice is because I talk about Steps and Justice. It is what I bleed, it is what I live and it is what I bring to those in my life. All of a sudden I felt different. I felt proud that I am known for something. Even if there is mockery involved (in a fun way), the point is that I have done a good job sharing what matters to me.

What do you bleed for? What are you mocked and talked about regarding? Listen closely to those around you, what they say about you tells the truth. It is either an encouraging truth or a difficult truth to accept, but it is a truth none the less. I am glad that I live a life that get’s talked about, how about you?

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4 comments so far on “You are who they say you are

  1. Jenna Wilson says:

    To further encourage you on how much you bleed Steps, please see the blog I just posted! Haha…which I posted before reading this.

  2. adam mclane says:

    I guess if you are going to get mocked for seeking justice… there are worse things to get mocked about.

    The crazy thing is that we shouldn’t be about tearing one another down or trying to make a buck off of our friends successes. We should celebrate that a dude heard the call of God and did something about it. That’s the style of leadership I can get excited about.

    The type of leadership where a bunch of folks run around mocking each other? Yeah, I’m with you. No patience for that.

    I can take (and give) as good a ribbing as possible. But its just like when I wrestle with my son. You can play hard. You can play dirty. But if you hit me in the balls, play time is over.

  3. philter says:

    You rule man, I’m laughing and agreeing with you at the same time. Cheers Adam.

  4. Andy@ym360 says:

    First off, Adam McLane just made me laugh out loud with his comment. If you’re reading this Adam, nicely done.

    Secondly, Phil, the reason I think you’re so awesome is because of the focus you put on living out your convictions. No one can accuse you of not practicing what you preach. Own it, bro. I know you do . . .

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