Man, today on our 30 day Prayer and Action journey with Steps of Justice and Momentum San Diego we focussed on Water.

  • 42000 die each week from water related disease
  • Every 15 seconds someone dies from water related disease
  • Over 1 billion live without access to clean drinking water, 360 million in Africa alone.

This is a problem, a problem that we, the church of Jesus Christ get the privilege of being a part of seeing ended. Today, as a part of our 30 day’s journey we as a community went without water and all liquid. No drinking it, no using it, no flushing with it, no nothing. This is the 4th time I have participated in this since Sept. of 2010 and I hate it. I mean give me a day without food, without coffee, without cloths, anything, but a day without contact with water is brutal. I have been mean, grouchy, short-tempered and distracted all day. A thousand apologies to anyone who has gotten the fallout of that.

I have seen how hard it is to get things done when you have a blinding head ache cause you haven’t had water. This is why poor/developing countries are still developing, cause they are focussed on staying alive, not on building bigger and better stuff. I mean, I could barely focus on my own patience, or thoughts, let alone focus on getting work done. It just continually brought me back to those with nothing. Those who are thirsty, those who are drinking water that is killing them, those who throw all else aside just to get a cup of water from a stagnant pond miles away from their village.

Why do we do this? Why the 30 day’s? Well it is easy, cause all day I remembered those who will wake up tomorrow feeling the same way I felt today. Those who can’t turn on the tap and get fresh water to drink. Those who drink water that is taking their very life. That is why. I think differently about the poor after today. I empathize with them, and in turn I will do something to help, even if that thing is just one small step.

Consider going through 30 day’s with your staff, friends, family, church or small group. It is only 30 day’s and it will change your life for ever.


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