I am psyched to start posting regularly again on the site. With a new look thanks to Scott Bothel and a new vision thanks to Steps of Justice and The Justice and Worship Tour I see this space as a somewhere  that I can posting my thoughts, experiences, views and stories with you.

Thanks for all of you who have stuck with this blog. It has been fun reading your comments and having you a part of this crazy, bazar, yet somehow normal online life. I am not going to write long books on this blog, mostly just interesting things that I am thinking about or that I see and decide to share with the millions of you who are reading (hehe).

Here is one of those things that I would like to share with you before I sign off and head to bed. On July 20 the United Nations officially declared there to be a drought in Somalia, along with other countries that make up the Horn of Africa.  “The U.N. fears tens of thousands of people already have died in the famine, which has forced Somalis to walk for days in hopes of reaching refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. Mothers have been forced to leave behind their weak children to die during the long treks” Huffington Post.

This is an unnecessary tragedy. Is there enough food to fee the worlds population? Yes. Did this famine come out of the blue? No. Did Jesus feed 5000 men, besides women and children in one sitting? Yes. Are we called to do the same, and even greater things than Him? Yes.

Now I don’t know how to stop a famine. I don’t have the education, I don’t understand the politics or reasoning of it all, but I do know that as a follower of Jesus we are called to “do justice and love mercy” Micah 6:8. We are not called to sit around and feel sorry for the people of Somalia as we eat our body weight in cereal and snack food. So yesterday we decided to do something with Steps of Justice, we decided to take a step.

Yesterday we created an event where we challenged people to give up food and water for a 24 hour time period. No meals, snacks, coffee, water, beer or any other form of food and beverage you can think of. Now we didn’t just ask people to give up these things and that’s it, we asked people to give up these things and give what they would have spent on food and beverage in a 24 hour time period to humanitarian AID in Somalia. We estimated that would be approx. $20.

I wasn’t sure how many people would sign up, but as of now we have 59 people, mostly giving $20 each which totals $1180, 100% of which will go to humanitarian relief. WOW, I am amazed at what we are capable of doing, even a small thing like give up food and donate the money you would have otherwise spent.

My goal, well I would love to see 100 people participate in this. If you are reading could you help by forwarding, commenting, tweeting, sharing or any other method of communication that you use. Lets send $2000 to Somalia to help feed and save lives. It is just one step that we can easily take.

Check out the event here, starting Monday.

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