So on Tuesday Amy and the girls went to Canada. They are gone for a few weeks and for 10 day’s of that I will be at home by myself. I was super sad about them leaving, but also super excited about all the things I was going get done while they were gone. I was so excited in fact that I made a list.

Here is my list of wild and crazy things I am going to so for the week that I’m without Amy and the kids:



1.  Stay up real late, till like 11 and read books

2. Drink everything straight from the carton or tap

3.  Turn up the AM radio all the way to half volume

4. Im not gonna sensor “little Lion Man” by Mumford n Sons

5.  Kick out the sheets at the bottom of the bed

6. Eat my body weight in Costco free samples

OK, so I only got to #6. There were a few more in there, but I sensored them incase my mom is reading this (love ya mom). The one thing that happened that I didn’t expect was that I got real bored real fast. I have noticed how quiet the house is. I have noticed how much I love having my  girls around, even when they are freaking out and driving Amy and I crazy. I have noticed how much they are a part of my life and how much I love that. I have noticed how long the days are. And I have noticed that I am a better man with them in my life.

Jesus, thanks for my girls, take care of them and bring them home safe. Thanks.

Photo by Lindsay

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