Warning, this post will destroy you.

Today we went to Hagar International. Hagar is an NGO that helps victims of abuse and trafficking heal and re-enter society. They told us about a client they had who was 6. This girl lived in the country. Her parents were drunks and didn’t pay much attention to her.

One day, when her parents were out the neighbor came and raped this little girl. He didn’t just rape her once, he raped her 3 times that night. When he had finished raping her he took her to the top of a statue of Buddah, then he dropped her. When she didn’t die he dropped her again.
This little 6 year old somehow survived the second drop so he took her and burried her alive.

3 days later she was found alive and taken to Hagar International because her parents didn’t want her anymore. Now this girl is 16 and still living and growing under the love and care of Jesus loving Christians at Hagar.

This happens way to much. I broken just writing this, but thankful for organizations that have decided to take a step and do something about it.

We have 9 more days in Cambodia, most of them spent working with children at risk of drugs, gangs and trafficking. Please pray for us and the ministries we are partnering with.

Good night from the other side of the world.

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  1. Glenn Steers says:

    How can we make sense of this?

    • philter says:

      Hey Glenn, I don’t think we can make sense of it. For me it is being able to tell peoples stories and as a result see me and others rise up to see that these horrors stop. I understand though and it makes me want to forget, but I know that forgetting doesn’t accomplish anything or help anyone. Cheers.

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