Good lord, please slow down the clock. I can’t believe it is already September. But then again, this always happens when there is something huge coming up, times seems to just go by way to fast. I remember back in the spring looking towards the summer. This summer my family and I were apart for 4 weeks, way to long I know. Amy and the girls were in Canada for the last last two weeks of July and I was in Cambodia for the 1st two weeks or so of August. I remember in April it seemed so far away, then the next morning (or so it seemed) I woke up and it was July.


This is happening again in my life. Tomorrow is September 1. I think this is the busiest that I have been in quite a while. My September looks a little like this:

1. Move out of our house.

2. Prepare for the NYWC put on by Youth Specialties.

3. Get ready for the Justice and Worship tour that we are putting on with Steps of Justice. In order to do this we need to purchase a truck (I we will do that today, a 2005 F-250 Diesel), purchase a camper trailer that we will be living in for the next 8 months or so, and continue setting up the tour.

4. Sell our van in order to afford the purchases above.

5. Finalize and get the Prayer & Action guide 2.0 to print so that we can bring it on the tour with us September 30.

OK, I will stop there as it is easy to get overwhelmed. Even though I am overwhelmed at what needs to happen there is also this sense of peace. Let me explain.

Today I was driving in the car to a lunch date (I got stood up actually). As I was driving I was overcome with faith and anticipation. I remember just praying out in faith to Jesus that all the things that need to happen will happen, just one thing at a time. I also prayed out that I believe that the next season of our lives is and has been orchestrated by Him and that He will provide all that we need to get there. I just had this faith and knowledge that Jesus is with us in it all and that made all the difference.

What is going on in your life right now that you feel totally overwhelmed by? What steps are you taking to see these things happen? Take some time and bring it back to Jesus, He want to make your burdon light and give you a renewed sense of faith and energy to move into and through the seasons of our lives that are pressing us down. In faith I believe that He did that for me and wants to and will do it for you too.

Photo by Vanessa Hadford

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