Last night we hosted a fundraiser/dessert for Steps of Justice. We had coffee, cake, snacks and spent some time sharing about what we have been doing with Steps of Justice and also where we are going on the Justice and Worship tour. After the night was over we had a couple of boxes of Starbucks coffee left over so Amy suggested we hand it out to people. So, at 9:30 at night the five of us hopped in the truck and headed downtown.


We pulled off the fwy and immediately saw the lines of shopping carts, sleeping bags and people settling down for the night. We pulled over on a side street and Emma, our 9 year old and me got out with coffee and cookies. I was amazed at my little girl. She wasn’t nervous, scared or even hesitant. She just grabbed the chocolate chip cookies and walked beside me as we headed over to hand out goodies. The first man that we saw gladly took some coffee and Emma gave him a cookie, it was rad.

We stopped by 15 or so more people, all of them were fully grateful to get a hot cup of coffee and a cookie, or 5 cookies in one girls case. Emma was right in there, saying your welcome when they said thanks and offering more cookies when they asked.

We passed by this one man who looked a bit like a rough Santa Clause. He was coughing and seemed like he was in bad shape, so we offered him some coffee. On our way back to the truck Emma was talking about him, and was concerned that he may be sick. We crossed back over to his side of the street and asked him if he was OK. He told us that he was, he just had a bit of a cough. We asked him if there was anything we could pray for him about, he said no and so we left him and headed for the truck.

Even on the way home Emma was talking about this man. She said “daddy, i am really glad that he is ok, i don’t want him to be sick.” Then we prayed for the Santa looking man and continued driving home. I am so thankful for the time we had last night. Thankful that as a family we had the time together and really proud of my Emma for being bold and for loving those that our society deems unlovable.


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  1. Trevor Berg says:

    That’s very cool. Emma rocks, and I am so glad that she had the opportunity to care for people in that way.

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