Touring for the King, sounds like a great live album from a 80’s Christian metal band, I like it. It’s funny when I look at my life right now. Here is a glimpse of what is happening right now. Our family, along with Chris and Jenna Wilson are residing at Pismo Sands RV park. We are living in a 31 foot travel trailer, pulled by a F-250 Diesel truck, super duty of course. I am sitting in the Travel Trailer (the big rolling turd as Emma calls it) on the hid-a-bed. I have music playing beside me, Emma and Abby are playing with there pet shop toys on the kitchen floor (5 feet away), Amy is in between the kitchen and the living room working on her computer (3 feet away) and Eliza just started crawling, so each time I look up she is in a different place. It’s not like I will lose her though as I can see every room in the trailer from where I sit.

Before writing this post I was going through my notes and Keynote presentation for tonights gig at Father’s House Atascadero We will pack up and leave at 5 and set up for the night at 6. Then at 7 we will start the Evening of Justice and Worship. People will wash their hands when they enter the room, symbolizing coming before Jesus with a clean heart. Then we will go into a time of sharing, worship and response for the next 90 minutes. We have done 5 events so far, with 16 more to go, ending in mid- December.

I am laughing at my life as I write this. One month ago I had a mini van, a house, and didn’t have to pack up my life and move every 2-3 day’s. Our schedules were consistent, our kitchen table didn’t turn into a bed and our BBQ wasn’t attached to the side of our house. I guess that’s what happens when you are obedient, things change, life get’s exciting and you walk in your destiny.

The word that that Jesus has been consistently been bringing to my head is that we need to be living our lives out of obedience to Him, not out of comparison of others. There is life when we live this way, fulfilling life and a life of contentment. It doesn’t mean that everything is going to go as you planned, in fact sometimes its the exact opposite. But what it does mean is that you don’t have to question where you are or what you are doing, cause it comes from Him.

Life is good, I am happy and extremely grateful.


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