On September 28 our family of 5 moved out of our 3 bedroom house in Chula Vista and into a 31 foot travel trailer. We have moved many times in the last few years, but those few days of moving were the most difficult for me. It wasn’t because we were moving from 1200 square feet to 124 square feet, nor was it because I was sad that we sold a bunch of stuff and put the rest in storage. I think it was mainly because God started to show me my heart (something that would continue to happen for the next 3 months).

Eventually we were able to get out of our house. We put our stuff in two different storage places, gave a bunch away to others, sold some and thrift stored all the rest. It was freeing, yet a bit surreal. The night we moved over to the Sweetwater RV park to begin our time on the road I remember looking down the 31 foot hallway to the other side of the trailer and thinking “how in the H am I going to drive this thing down the road?” I was still feeling a bit insecure about driving a 1/2 ton truck, but now I had to tow my house behind it. To this day I am still surprised that we haven’t crashed or that I haven’t killed anyone in the process.

A part of me was excited for this new season of life, yet another part of me was pretty freaked out. I was excited because I had seen Jesus provide for out needs (truck, travel trailer, daily needs and tour dates) yet I was freaked out as we were venturing into something completely new. Even now I am looking back and wondering why I ever was freaked out. This tour was a gift to our family and to the Wilson family. It is an adventure and in some ways an answer to my prayer of “whats next God?”

On Tuesday October 4 we packed up our trailer, hitched er up to the truck and headed  to LA for our first event outside of San Diego County. This tour was going to be filled with travel, seing old friends, making new friends and journeying with people down the road of ‘doing justice.’ In some ways we were still trying to figure out how this was going to look, making changes all along the way. Yet within the freshness and excitement of touring there lay this unrest in my heart. A fear of something I couldn’t quite identify continuing to raise it’s head, and mostly at the most inconvenient times. A fear that I will continue to touch on during these posts, not only so that you can learn from it, but so that I can learn and grow from it too.


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