20111218-090049.jpgUnreal to think that I am 40 today. It just seems like a crazy age to be, I have been 30 for so long and now those years are done. I wonder if I felt the same when I got out of my 20’s? Well, I am excited about today and this next year to come. I am sitting alone in a cafe before the chaos of the day hits thinking about the past year and being thankful to Jesus for the good gifts he has given. I want to start the day being thankful, not just got the past, but for the future. Here are a few good memories from my last year of 39.

1. Eliza, our 11 month old born on Dec. 31. She is a true gift to our lives.
2. My family. I feel closer and more connected to them now than I ever have.
3. Amy, this year I fell in love with this amazing woman again. I am seeing her like I have never seen her before, I am truly thankful for you my Amy.
4. I graduated from college this year after 21 years.
5. Friends. God has put some amazing friends in my life this year. Ones that have carried me through hard times and laughed with me though the good ones.
6. Reading through the bible, this has been great for me.
7. Steps Of Justice, I am truly humbled that we have been able to start this ministry.
8. The Justice and Worship tour. It has. Been life changing to to tour up and down the west coast with friends and my family of 5 teaching and facilitating people in justice issues.
9. Family. There have been some ups and down with my family, but I am thankful for my mom, dad sister and family.
10. My faith. This year it has grown, has been stretched, has been tested and has become this beautiful part of my life and who I am. Without my faith in Jesus the top 9 on this list would have no value.

Now for some things I want to see happen during year 40.

1. Run and finish the spring tour with Steps of Justice
2. Start a justice focused ministry that is directly working with and serving the poorest of the poor.
3. Do more and teach more.
4. Fight against normality with all my strength.
5. Mentor/disciple someone in their faith and life.
6. Read more
7. Exercise regularly, eat good food always, brew good beer and skip the decaf
8. Have regular family time with my wife and kids.
9. Date my wife.
10. Read through the bible again.

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  1. Awesome lists! Happy Birthday Phil…I hope we get to see you in this next again!

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