When someone hurts you or cuts you down to your face or in front of others how do you deal with it? I see there being 3 options:

Option 1 is to ignore it and move on.

Option 2 is to deal with it and talk directly to the person who hurt you.

Option 3 is to rip that person a new one by talking about him/her to others so that you can vent your hurts and feelings out loud, but not really deal with the situation.

Sadly, have seen more people take option 3 than option 1 or 2. It is hard to take option 1, so I don’t see many people taking that, including myself. Option 2 is also hard as it is vulnerable and faces the situation head on so I don’t see many people taking that option either. Sadly option 3, although it is the cowardly way to go many people take it cause it makes them feel better and gives them room to vent.

I see option 3 as being cowardly, sinful, wimpy and in no way loving to anyone. If you have a problem with someone (and I am speaking to myself here too) talk to them about it. I get so furious when I see someone being nice to a persons face and then cutting them down as soon as they leave the room. Who has the problem here? I believe it is the coward who doesn’t have the courage or integrity to tell the person they have problems with exactly how they feel.

If you have a problem with someone just tell them, and if you are to scared to tell them then just forgive them, walk away from the situation and love them. I am a follower of Jesus. All throughout Jesus life I see him directly dealing with the people who he had problems with. Do you know why? Because He loved them and because it was the loving thing to do. He wasn’t into gossip, He was into redemption. When we talk about people behind their backs it doesn’t lead to redemption, it leads to pride and bitterness. There is no healing or love that comes out of pride and bitterness, just ugliness and hate.

My challenge to you and to me is to seek healing and redemption in your relationships by talking. Not by talking about the person who hurt you, but by talking to the person who hurt you. I can almost guarantee you that healing will happen, and if not then I will give you a dollar.

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