Today we gathered together as a Steps of Justice crew at our place. We were getting together to pray for the upcoming Spring tour, or more like the lack of Spring tour. This fall we went to 22 locations in 2 months and shared God’s deep heart for Justice

Do you think you are a king because you compete in cedar? Did not your father eat and drink and do justice and righteousness? Then it was well with him. He judged the cause of the poor and needy; then it was well. Is not this to know me? declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 22: 15-16

We are supposed to head out in March for a spring tour, but things are looking a bit different. Instead of 22 events, we only have a few. This has not been for a lack of trying, that is for sure. We have emailed 100’s of churches, pastors and communities and have only heard back from a hand full and of those most of the dates didn’t line up. Many of these emails went to friends and people who believe in this call, but even then we didn’t hear back (no bitterness I promise). This has been super frustrating and confusing, so today we gathered together to ask God what He thinks.

I have to be honest, we have only done this a few times, but each time I see God showing up and communicating clearly to us. We believe He has called us to do the tour, but we are not sure why events are not panning out. So, we sat down to pray and almost immediately a section of scripture came into my mind. The scripture was from Genesis 12, where God called Abram to leave everything he knew and head to a place God would show him.

I immediately knew that I had heard something, I heard God say “go.” So, we talked about it as a group and we all agreed that we need to step out in faith and go. So, on Monday, March 4 we will leave S. California and head east. Our first scheduled event is in April so we will spend March doing justice by connecting with ministries, churches, non-profits, etc. We will be taking each day to serve and ask Jesus what His next step is for us.

OK, I understand that this is FREAKING CRAZY. We are leaving a place that we know for a place that we don’t. Since we only have a few events we only have a small amount of the tour budgeted. We also have 3 kids and the Wilsons have one on the way. Yep, I am beginning to see that when God called Abraham it probably didn’t seem that romantic to him either, I mean he packed up the place that he and generations before him had been living and headed out.

Ya know the main reason we are doing this though? It’s because God spoke and we walk in obedience. Also, I want people to write books about this stuff, I expect to see miracles, divine meetings and blessings beyond reason for us and for others though our obedience. So there you go, that is what the Cunningham’s are up to as we continue to pioneer Steps of Justice.  We are a year and a half in and we see this as one of the most significant steps that we have taken yet.

How can you be involved? Well it is simple, here are 4 ways.

1. Pray for us

2. Write us with your prayers, encouragement, ideas, thoughts, and friendship

3. Come with (serious, wanna come)? We leave in a week

4. Give. OK, trying to be practical, we need cash to do this so you can give here. We estimate he tour will cost approx. $6000 for gas and housing. (all gifts are tax deductible).

That is it, we will for sure be writing lots, so stay tuned.


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