Last night I did some rehearsal scalping at the Philadelphia Phillies game. I went down with a few friends who already had tickets and tried my luck at scoring a free one for myself. I was excited to see the game, but also I was trying my gift of getting free tickets on the east coast as a rehearsal for tonight when I attempt to get into game 5 (possible elimination game) of the NHL playoff game between the Flyers and the Devils.

I will post tomorrow on if I get in or not, but till then I just wanted to give some pointers on getting into events without paying. The secret can be summed up in three words. Ask, Ask, Ask.

That’s it, just ask. Last night I asked dozens of people for tickets before I got one. There were some crazy looks, some good lucks and some people who just plain ignored me. Eventually one dude and his girlfriend handed me a ticket and said “enjoy the game.” I told him i was from the west coast and it was my first Phillies game. They shook my hand, gave me the ticket and that was it, I was in.

So, tonight I try my skills/gifts again for a dream game. I have always wanted to see the Flyers, they have been my team since I was a kid. I even had a Bobby Clarke hockey card, probably worth a few hundred $$ now, but back then I just wanted to see how far I could flick it across the room.

Well, until tomorrow then.


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