So today we were driving down the road towing out 31 foot home when a car sped up to us and motioned that our tire was messed up. The dude in the car then sped off in front of us and led us to the next exit ramp where he then told us that we had a flat. It was a super kind thing that he did as we can’t see the tire from the mirrors and you can’t feel the flat when you are towing. After looking at the flat we got in the truck and drove to the gas station only to find out that their air pump was broken.

We then got back in the truck and drove 6 miles to the next small town only to find out that our valve that comes out of the tire was cracked and so getting air wasn’t going to fix the tire at all. We asked the attendent if there was a tire store in this small Kansas town of 2000 and she pointed us in the right direction.

We got down the hill and Tony, from Tony’s auto repair told us what we already knew, that our valve was bad, only Tony said it in his middle american accent with a touch of colour in his language which came out like this “dude, you have a fuc*ed valve in that their tire, we can fix it up right now for ya.” As they were taking off the tire he noticed that the tire beside it had the steel wires poking out. He couldn’t believe it. “Dude, this tire is done, if you drive on it this thing is gonna blow up, let us fix it for ya.” So, $30 later we got our valve fixed and tire replaced with the spare we have for the trailer.

The bad tire was going to blow at any time. If the valve hadn’t of leaked we never would have brought it into Tony’s shop and if the kind dude on the road hadn’t told us of the flat then we would probably be on the side of the road right now with a fully blown out tire. The miracle is the whole thing. I believe that God caused the valve to leak, the dude in the car to pull us over and Tony to help us out so that we could find out about the fully bad tire that could have caused way more damage and in the middle of no where Kansas.

I am thankful for the little things tonight. Thanks for taking care of us Jesus.

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