God is calling us to a life of obedience, not comparison. If you want to walk in freedom and confidence then walk in obedience. When we compare our lives to the lives that others have it brings either doubt or pride. You will either think that your calling is higher, that you are doing greater things than the next person, or you will feel insecure in your calling, thinking that it is less than other peoples. This is not living in freedom, this is living in anxiety, pride and captivity.

This word has been heavy on me for the past year. I almost got the word OBEDIENCE tattooed on my arm in February, but Amy in all her wisdom put the financial kibosh on it. I kept looking at our year and asking “God, why is there not more, why is this going on, why are we doing this?” His response, “because this is what I asked you to do, and if you want to be the person that you want to be then just obey and trust me.” This life of living out of obedience and not comparison is hard for me (I compare myself to others and their ‘success’ alot).

In the past 14 months we  moved out of our house, droven a truck and 31 foot travel trailer across the USA (San Diego to Vancouver and back and then San Diego to New Jersey and back) on the Justice and Worship tour. Then in September we moved to a small Island in HI to work with YWAM Ships and see Steps of Justice grow. These are not things that I would have thought about in the natural. They have been hard, yet beautiful things. Seriously, before July 3 HI was the last place I wanted to live. The reason me moved here and why we have lived the way we have over the past 14 months is out of Obedience.

This year has been the most freeing year of my and my families life. Honestly, in the past I lived so much out of what others thought, or what I perceived I should be doing based on what others were doing and finding success in. It was and is a horrible way to live. Now, I could care less about what others do, I mean I’m  am happy for them, but Im not envious of them. Now, I live freely as I try my hardest to walk in Obedience. Whats next Jesus? OK, I don’t understand, but Im all in and will give it 100% My challenge and encouragement to you is this, live your life in obedience to what Jesus is saying, it’s the most freeing thing ever.

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