Hello from Phil Cunningham at 37,000 feet. I am currently flying back from the North of Brazil after a week of visiting the team that we sent there. I haven’t been back to this area of the world since 1997, when I took a team of 11 with me for 9 weeks. It was great to go back, a lot less responsibility this time. The main reason for going was to encourage the team that was there, meet with each one of them to see how they are doing and spend some time doing ministry/outreach with them. This is what I am most excited to talk about in this short update. There is no flash to this post, just a story of God and his faithfulness.

So last night the team and I, along with some Brazilian friends and a local church leadership went out to the city square to do a presentation. Before we went out, there were a few of us that wanted not only to see people touched by the simple Gospel story, but we wanted people to meet Jesus for the 1st time and start following Him. So, that night at the square we did some fun stuff to start the night (there were approx. 300+ people in the square just walking around, eating food and playing at the carnival they run there). We started with some fire breathing (that’s right, I said fire breathing. Missions looks a lot different wherever you go, whatever works I guess). After that we had some of the students share their story and talk about why we were in Brazil, which is to learn about the culture, meet new people and partner with the local church to share the Gospel story.

After the presentation I walked around with Leo, a good man and one of the translators. We talked with a few people and shared the story of Jesus with them. Near the end of the night we met two dudes, Eldon and Vito. We talked with them for a while and shared with them about Jesus. We shared how He, being God, came to earth as a man, lived and died in poverty and was nailed to a cross to take away the sins of the world, including Eldon and Vitos. We told them that Jesus made them beautiful, and that He loves them. We told them that giving your life to Jesus doesn’t just mean eternity in Heaven, it means life right here on earth. That Jesus knows who we are and wants to give us life and direction in this life.
To be honest, as I was saying it out loud I was thinking “man, Holy Spirit you need to show up, because without you this really sounds far fetched. God as a man dying for our sins and our surrendering of our lives to Him gives us eternal life and hope in this life.” I asked them if they believe what I was telling them, and they said yes. I proceeded to ask them if they wanted to pray with me and give their lives to Jesus. In the Bible it says that if we confess with our mouth and believe in our hearts that Jesus is Lord that we will be saved. I also told them that if they don’t accept Jesus that my translator would beat them up, Im so glad they laughed at that, could have been a real awkward situation.
So, at the end of the night Eldon and Vito in all seriousness (they were laughing a lot before this) prayed and confessed their sin and asked Jesus to be Lord of their lives. Man, it was a great night for them. A total of 8 people prayed to Jesus for the 1st time last night. We gave them information about the local church we were working with and believe and trust that the Holy Spirit will work in their lives and direct them to good people who can walk with them and disciple them.
Well, I just wanted to share that story with you and thank you for your continued prayer, support and involvement in the ministry we do with YWAM and Steps of Justice.


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