2014-01-21 17.16.51Last week I arrived home after spending 8 day’s in the Philippines. Myself, along with a team of 13 were in the Philippines as a part of the Steps of Justice typhoon relief outreach. When I think of the trip a few words come to mind, here is my summary:

  • Overwhelming– It was overwhelming to see the disaster that Typhoon Yolanda brought.
  • Rustic– We slept on the floor in a church with no electricity, bucket showers and under mosquito nets. At night the rats would be running by our heads, and over our nets in order to get food.
  • Humbling– It was humbling to be in a place with so much destruction, yet so much joy. The people of the Philippines are strong, and find the joy of the Lord in all things.
  • Fun– The team was amazing. I think one of the things that kept us together was the humor and the family that we created as a team, I am truly grateful for all of them.
  • Salvation– We saw 11 people give their lives to Christ. They prayed and said they want to become followers of Him. Our prayer now is that the YWAM staff in Tacloban follow up and disciples these new Christians.
  • Nausea– We took a boat for 3 hours to get to the Island we worked on. There were around 250 people on the boat, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that about half vomited dude to bad seas, including half our team.
  • Broken Hearted– We were broken hearted when we heard the stories of people who had lost everything in the typhoon. Men who had lost their families, people who had lost their homes, and workers who had lost their livelihood.
  • Privileged– I feel privileged that I got to go on this trip. The trip was funded by two individuals, and their places of work that matched their gifts. Gods provision is always amazing.

I am not sure if we will continue to go back to the Philippines as a ministry, but one thing I do know is that this trip changed all the lives of those on our team. We were not only used to bring hope and restoration to the Filipino people, but we also saw the lives of each person on the team changed. This trip was a short term trip, with long term results.

Thanks for your prayers, they are always necessary.

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